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Website Backup

Website Backup and Database Backup

Full Website Backup for all servers with FTP access - Independent & Safe

IDS Hosting Website BackUp is a full FTP & SFTP Automated Backup facility to easily and continuously backup your  websites & databases.

The website & DB backup process is a simple one:
Select, Register & Purchase your BackUp facility

  • Access the BackUp facility via its own multi featured Admin area.
  • Link to your account, select folders & databases to backup.
  • Configure your backup preferences, frequency and timing.
  • Do an on demand backup to start or just leave and get an email after each auto back.

Simple, Automated, Risk free and Secure ... highly recommended.

  • Once logged into your Back Up admin area from the email received.
  • Or accessing your backup facility directly: http://backup.idshosting.co.za.
  • Select the required backup: Files or Data Base.
  • Enter your FTP access codes or DB connection access codes, received by your hosting company.
  • IDS Hosting sends this info in an email entitled: New Account Information or WELCOME.
  • Enter the username & password & host name or IP can also be used here.
  • Check with your hosting company or find the correct settings in the 'welcome' email.
  • Set up the backup configuration, this can be edited later as well.
  • All backups are stored on Amazon Web Services
  • Entry level Website BackUp is 5GB and can be upgraded to 200GB, purchased on a monthly through to an annual bases.
  • Information is encrypted and can be compressed significantly. (content dependent)


  • Website data can be conveyed to the backup server in various ways, such as:
  • FTP, SFTP, RSYNCE - over SSH and RSYNC - Daemon mode
  • Unsure then use FTP on port 21.
  • Host name, username & password is required. IP for connection while listing on the firewall is supplied if required.
  • Once connected File listing will be seen, folders to be backed can be selected or all folders can be selected.
  • Website is usually on one of these folders, the public folder (some named: public_html) for website backup files is all that’s required.
  • File exclusion list can be added to exclude various types of files, such as cache, logs, temp etc.
  • Multiple eBackup retentions options.
  • Multiple Backup frequency options.
  • Start times: every 30 minutes for 24 hours.
  • Time zone: All zones.
  • Each backup profile can get a personalised name for easy recognition.


  • Data Bases that can be backup up:
  • MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB.
  • Connection data required: Host name, DB name, DB user, DB password.
  • IP supplied for remote DB connection.
  • Data Base retentions options: 1, 3, 7, 14, 21, 30.
  • Data Base backup frequency options: 1/dy, once/wk, twice/wk, once/mnth, twice/mnth, on demand.
  • Start times: every 30 minutes for 24 hours.
  • Time zone: All zones.
  • Each DB backup profile can get a personalised name for easy recognition.


  • Edit connection
  • Edit schedule
  • Backup history
  • Download files/DB
  • Restore files / DB
  • Initiate backup
  • Delete


  • Website blacklist monitor
  • Website uptime monitor

Why must I backup my websites?

A lot can go wrong with your online data, which includes your website files, website database and can include emails if you are hosting your email accounts on the same server/account.

After making sure your website is always kept up to date, all passwords are at 100% strength and all recommended safety precautions are taken, backups are still a necessity. If you have a website that uses a database then backing this is very important, especially if you have an online shop, so all your orders are saved. 

Website Backup

5Gb to 200Gb

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Backup Points to Remember

  • Reduce the Risk of Data Loss
  • Reverse Updates and Auto Updates
  • Recover from Malware issues
  • Recovery from any Site Hacks
  • Use Backup for Migration
  • No Risk for Website Testing
  • Regular Data Base Backups for eShops
  • Keep eShops online
  • Its Good Practice and sound advise
  • Safeguard against Human Error 

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