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Email SMTP

Email SMTP Relay Services

Email SMTP, which is the sending of your emails is an important part of every business and can be overlooked to the possible detriment of the business as a whole without even knowing it can be a problem. SMTP Relay service is primarily used for email marketing, but is becoming increasingly important for day to day business email. Getting your email to your client on time is of utmost importance. If you are battling to get emails to your clients, SMTP services is the solution.

Not Only For Email Marketing

IDS Now offers this service to be used by its clients and other interested parties to send bulk emails to there clients. Bulk emails can only be sent to opted in clients and users. Email SPAMMING is not accepted by us and we do not support it. 

Acceptable Use and Terms

When sending an email, your recipient must be either someone with whom you have a personal or professional relationship, or is a customer, member or subscriber of your business or organization, or who has specifically asked to receive your emails by opting in or signing up in some way, or someone who has bought a product or service from you in the past 18 months.

Its also important to go through the full terms of this product to see if your application will comply: Terms of Use of SMTP Relaying Service

SMTP is the method used to send an email, hence SMTP services. This is a specialised service to send large quantities of emails or routine emails, but to make sure the emails are delivered, and able to monitor the delivery with feedback on what has gone wrong with the delivery if this info is required. there is a large amount of info that is available to monitor email delivery, but the main reason to use this service is to make sure your emails are delivered and on time, it is sent via email specialists who understand the details of this industry and pass this information on to us to benefit. We have also found that system generated emails, like invoices, new service notifications, support tickets  are often blocked by email networks, and sending these via such a service has huge benefits. There are also additional advantages, such as feedback on bounces, if mail is opened, or links are clicked. We can assign an admin area to a controller of your SMTP Relay Service to manage and use to measure using the statistics offered.


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No Down Time

The infrastructure includes redundancy, multi data centers to maintain service's during outages.

Notifications about Problems

Get Notified of problems should they arise. Issue could include bounce rate increase.

Avoid  Throttling

No more limitations by ISP's or Webhost SMTP's for reduced hourly or daily sending limits. 

Dynamic Reports

Keep track of what is going on by watching the dynamic statics for valuable feedback.


Track emails from start to finish, be assured of delivery every time.

Test Delivery

Measure emails to be sent against major SPAM filters to anticipate issues before they happen.

No Blacklists

Stay off Blacklists by anticipating issues before they happen, make sure your mails are delivered.

No More SPAM Folders

Email safety precautions such as SPF and DKIM included automatically, its that simple.

All Emails Types

Flexible sending of all types of mail. From Apps, Outlook, Marketing with unsubscribe etc.

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