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IDS Hosting has been part of the IDS Online for more than 10 years. Starting out as the 'little brother' has grown to be an important part of the group, with a high client retention rate, we attribute this to relevance and relationship.


Latest and Fastest Web servers

We have migrated out servers to the latest technology and placed our servers as close as possible to our clients to make them fast, keeping them stable and relevant

Personal one on one Support

Support is top priority to us! In a technical environment support is paramount in managing your account. In a self help environment we are here to help so you can help yourself.

Control Panel engine

Access to a popular and stable server side Control Panel to manage your own requirements. Stable, Fast, Powerful and gets the job done without having to know a lot. Easy to find your way around.

Most up to date Client Area

Simple and fast, our client area manager allows you to manage your account without our intervention. Update, upgrade, server side and more all via the new client area access.

Local and Fast Data Centers

In a competitive market such as hosting we need to offer the best and do it fast, this is our way of doing it, serving it fast and on time, all the time. Our choice of data center has met our expectations continuously so you can keep your clients and visitors happy and keep them coming back.

Market Research

Ongoing Research to always incorporate latest technology and Relevant Business Products to keep our clients one step ahead, fast and secure.

Business Hosting

Understanding Business Requirements is imperative to offer Best Business Communication Tools. No nonsense Business Hosting for the serious Entrepreneur.

Speciality Hosting

Custom Hosting and Business Packages geared for the Specialist. Your Specialist Hosting Requirement is catered for.

WordPress Hosting

Risk Free WordPress Hosting, Managed Hosting for WordPress Hosting by WordPress Hosting and Development Specialists.

Free Website Builder

Included in all Hosting packages, Drop & Drag Fully Responsive HTML super fast Website Builder, 190 templates to choose from.

Advanced Security Products

Website Encryption Products, increases data transfer security and boosts search engine rankings. World Class Virus & Malware Products to protect your systems, keeping you online all the time.

Why Choose IDS Hosting Today?

An established, cost effective, reliable one stop Business and Email Hosting Service with a host of popular supportive products for all Business and Pleasure Hosting Requirements.

IDS Web Builder Hosting

Website Builder with Hosting

Building your own website with a our drop and drag website builder is easier than you think. Not only can you build a site for your own organization, but you can build websites commercially both full time or in your spare time. Once you understand the process it gets much easier and its incredibly satisfying.   

Custom Hosting

When purchasing your hosting and have specific requirements, then here is a way to purchase just what you need. When that need changes, you update your requirements. Why pay for features you do not use. We offer a smaller space range product, 1 to 10Gb and a large product from 20 to 100Gb of space, Use the sliders to select email accounts, storage space, FTP accounts, addon domains, sub domains, and more. 
Custom Hosting
Email Hosting

Email Only Hosting

Sometimes a website is not required, but emails accounts are, and these email accounts need to have a specific domain, we do this as well! Our hosting packages all have email account facilities, but we also offer a non web host package email facility, these are quite often used by corporates for high volume of email accounts and high volume of business emails, but this product is as good for low volume accounts. Come discuss your email requirements with us.
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